Well I don’t recognize myself in the mirror no more
look from the mirror to the picture here on the wall
it was taken back when we were small and all was good
time flew by, i promise i did all i could    
to remain myself and keep my place in the world
not just be another sheep locked in the maze of the herd
lost in memories, searching for the place it occurred
look back in time, back in the mirror, my face is a blur
I’m afraid of what I’ve become, I don't know why
i’ve reflected on myself before but shown no signs, how can you
realize you’re changing when you can’t produce an image of yourself    
friends try, but there’s a limit to their help
cuz when you observe your friends life you see your own
you look at your neighbour’s household and see your home
when you watch your surroundings your mind creates an illusion
you place yourself in a beautiful world, the truth is more gruesome

I Never felt this way before
I guess i finally broke right through that door
now I’m happy I am free
I’m just not sure if I am me

I open up my eyes but I doubt that I'm awake
for too long have I lived in this halfwaystate
Meaningless reflection leaves my mind in confusion
I can see both worlds, but I'm long gone in the illusion
It's not that I can't make out the the one from the other
but I don't care or like either one, so why bother
I try to understand, but I only see a fraction
so I settle for this state of abstraction
but it's the attraction, that causes my internal debate
it fills the hopes deceiving cloak with torment and hate
til I can't relate, but I'm still drawn to your presence
like a constant reminder of my unlearnt lessons
the person I've become, I never meant or planned to be
my thoughts are dimming down as I approach insanity
it's a tragedy, my individuality abandoned me
with scattered puzzle pieces put back randomly

And I guess I should have known
they’d never let me walk right out alone
and your face can never hide
all the things I left inside

Now the face staring back at me, the reflection in glass
changed along the years, perfectly reflecting the past
but still i can’t recognize, the man that I am
a painted face on a rag doll like raggedy ann
someone's pulling the strings and he’s controlling my movements
piecing me together, tying up all the loose ends    
my sense of reality is twisted, my true friend
I can’t even tell where i begin and you end
I still see myself as a reflection of others    
reflections of friends I call brothers
unlimited deeds, complete selection that covers
all I’ve ever done standing next to my brothers
and in a way I am them, as well as they are me
what separates us for me, is so hard to see
where the line is drawn, between our memories
for me the line is gone, or at least it's blurred
and I feel it's absurd that I can't even picture
myself in this world and decisions and choices I make
are not mine but controlled by the voices I hear
so, I take another look in the mirror
trying to locate my soul
afraid of the unknown, there’s no place like home
but I don’t even know where home is
I guess i never really knew, now I know what a rolling stone is

And I know the problem dwells in me
I don't care i'll be who I want to be
so I stay happy I stay free
and I don’t care if I’m not me